why choose us?
We may not be the longest running historical falconry team in the UK, but that does not mean we have anything less to offer you. We are full time professionals, dedicated to the high quality of our authenticity and accuracy.

We are more than just falconers, having worked on the professional reenactment circuit for many years, we have a huge passion for history and aim to educate as well as entertain. We pride ourselves in our high level of authenticity, both in what we use and what we wear.

Our years of experience mean we have the knowledge and understanding to deliver professional, exciting and authentic displays of historical falconry at your event.

Our setup allows the public to get up close to the birds, and we positively encourage the public to get as hands on as possible!

business beginnings
Falconry is steeped in history and its preservation is vital to the raptors that inhabit our world today.
I set up Feathers and Flight to combine my passions for birds of prey and historical reconstruction.

My aims are to both educate and entertain the public about history and its relevance today. I enjoy engaging the public, and giving many people a once in a lifetime experience.

As well as my passion and experience in falconry since I was a child, I also have a extensive background in historical reconstruction and experimental archaeology. I have years of experience in the professional re-enactment circuit; historical horse riding, historical combat and living history demonstrations. I have lectured on historical artefact reconstruction, worked with museum projects and run conferences.

As an accomplished rider I enjoy working with horses bareback or in many period saddles. I enjoy recreating historical riding styles from the Greeks and Scythians through to the Victorian period. My birds can work from horseback.

our beautiful birds
Raptors are not domestic pets like cats or dogs, they are wild animals, and will always remain so. They are highly intelligent and should be respected at all times. It takes a great deal of expertise to keep them healthy and happy. Our main priority is always our birds, their comfort and well-being. They are the core of the business and central to the whole experience.

Each of our birds used in the displays has its place in history. Where certain breeds cannot be used we use similar breeds that help to give the public an idea of the type of bird flown. The main example is our use of Harris hawks rather than sparrow and goshawks. These birds, though authentic, are highly strung and not suited to a display environment.

In our displays, we do not use gimmicks or try to make the birds perform outside their natural behaviour. To be able to watch the pure agility of free flying raptors, to the fist and lure, truly fires the imagination of all young and old!

Our business is only young at present, but we are experienced, versatile and have a lot to offer you and your event.

I look forward to discussing with you about how we can enhance your event or venue. If you have any questions or ideas, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss them.

Amy Wallace | Head Falconer