what we offer
Across the country, we can add something very unique to your event. Dressed in highly authentic period attire, we can offer a series of scheduled flying displays from foot or horseback throughout the day, as well as our tented mews where the public are able to view the birds up close, and talk to the falconers.

We are more than just falconers, having worked on the professional reeanctment circuit for many years, we have a huge passion for history and aim to educate as well as entertain. We enjoy engaging the public on a personal level, and are on hand to answer any questions.

We strive to help educate future generations about the art of falconry, its heritage and the welfare of birds of prey today.

Periods of history we can cover, include:

scythian ∴ late roman ∴ viking ∴ saxon ∴ norman ∴ medieval ∴ tudor

flying displays
Experience the thrill of falcons stooping on a lure, the grace of a hovering kestrel, and the pure power of hawks and owls flying to the fist! Our exciting, carefully scripted displays will have your audience engaging with the history of some of nature's best predators, their breathtaking flights, and the people who tried to tame them.

We do not use gimmicks or try to make the birds perform outside their natural behaviour. To be able to watch the pure agility of free flying raptors, to the fist and lure, truly fires the imagination of all young and old!

We fly the birds in a roped off arena, using our own PA system, so that we can engage the largest audience possible.

the mews
The tented mews is where visitors can get a much closer view of the birds between the flying demonstrations. But there is so much more to see than just the birds. The mews itself is filled with high quality reconstructed artefacts, furniture, falconry equipment, hunting weapons, animal pelts, raw materials and much more. A visual spectacle; the mews allows the visitors to understand about period rural life, hunting, and the importance of the materials they used.

Our knowledgeable falconers are on hand to engage the public and know how to connect with a wide and varied audience. They can explain about the birds, the history, and answer any questions. The quality of the falconers attire adds to the experience, demonstrating accurate clothing of the time, not just fancy dress.

We can offer bird handling sessions, scheduled talks and practical craft demonstrations of falconry skills, such as the making of hawk furniture and training equipment, bird care eg. imping feathers, and learning to tie a falconer's knot. This can also be done as a hands-on activity for visitors, so that they can take away new skills and crafted items.

authenticity and accuracy
We pride ourselves in our high level of authenticity, both in what we use and what we wear. We aim to educate as well as entertain, and we know how to connect with a wide and varied audience. We can work as an independent display or as part of a larger event, and each display is tailored to your exact needs.

We have many reconstructed artifacts of hunting equipment, kit, tools and materials on display. These are not imaginative stage props; we take a strict approach to ensure items are reconstructed from original finds with correct materials and techniques, and from their correct place in history. This makes them as authentic and accurate as possible. Many of these items can be handled by the public, to help them gain better understanding of how objects were used.

Each bird used in our displays have their place in history. Where certain breeds cannot be used we use similar breeds, that help to give visitors an idea of the type of bird flown. The main example of this is our use of bay winged hawks rather than sparrowhawks and goshawks. These birds, though authentic, are highly strung and not suited to a display environment.

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